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Women in Music – “Women in Music” fans take a dive into their emotions while connecting to a new artist experience every day. The platform was designed to ignite the fan and harbor the passion and creativity of our female artists as displayed through the television show and live events. Welcome back to a place where you can hear and feel the music whether it’s a live show, an intimate interview, or top 10 video. This is what you can expect on “Women in Music”.

“We are music fanatics and all that we strive to do as fanatics is share how we feel and how music makes us feel with the rest of the world.”  GiGi Smith

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From the Other Side – GiGi and Allan are a hoot as they agree to disagree. Tune in as they debate everything from their perspective as male and female, Democrat and Republican and Gen X and Gen Y. Pick a side and join the discussion!

Disclaimer: Although GiGi and Allan often disagree they continue to uphold the utmost respect for one another. Despite whom your opinion may relate with, we hope that you too can keep a mutual respect for others who have different opinions.

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GiGi and Allan on From the Other Side

Living and Eating Healthy – This series is for the mind, body and soul conscious who are ready to take charge and live and eat healthy! Learn and grow with GiGi and health experts who are here to give you the tools you need to take charge of your lifestyle. Follow along as we perform live demonstrations and how-tos and explain how you can be your best. Here’s to living and eating healthy.

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An Author Affair – On “An Author Affair”, we invite you to witness intimate interviews with interesting authors and their inspiring books. Whether a fan of reading or storytelling, or an advocate for literacy, “An Author Affair” is where you will thrive. Tune in each episode to win books from the author or bookstore memberships from Politics and Prose Bookstore.

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The Late Night Show – Meet women of power and prestige. Hear from female Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Executives, Board Members, Founders and how they achieved their success. Follow their journeys and be inspired by their tenacity. Join Girls Talk TV in celebrating these women. 

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