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Casting – Living and Eating Healthy

  This series is for the mind, body and soul conscious who are ready to take charge and live and eat healthy! Learn and grow with GiGi and health experts who are here to give you the tools you need to take charge of your lifestyle. Follow along as we perform live demonstrations and how-tos
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Allan on Hormone Injected Beef

“I saw this documentary that said that beef in the US has growth hormone that is USDA approved…the hormone has known carcinogens in it that survive the process. The meat companies do it because mass production at lower costs yield more money…. but I don’t feel sorry for the people eating it and I’m not
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What Will You Do to Acknowledge Earth Day

Earth Day is today, April 22, 2012. What will you do to acknowledge the day? Earth day is all about creating awareness and participating in appreciating our worlds natural resources. With that said here are several things you can do today and everyday to make a difference on our earth. Not only will you be
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How to Make Organic Condiments

Susan Blasko, an Organic Nutritionist already showed us how to make Kombucha in “Living and Eating Healthy: Organic”. She even demonstrated the differences between organic, non-organic and pasteurized eggs. In this continuation, Susan invited Gigi over to make organic ketchup, mayo and mustard. She then prepares a beautiful organic meal for Gigi.

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