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Jo Ann Mills Miller lifts 300lbs after a double masectomy

Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and there is plenty us ladies (and gents) can do to stay informed and support the initiative. BREAST CANCER SCREENING IS THE KEY LADIES! We know that for years Doctors and research have suggested women under 45 should not receive a mammogram, unless this condition runs in their history,
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Thermography or Mammography and Radiation Exposure?

 I first learned about Thermography when I was filming “A Grass-fed Beef Seminar) in  VA. Now, we’re all perfectly familiar with Thermography. You remember Minority Report with Tom Cruise (still hot for his age)? The bots who would enter the infrastructure and scan for body heat? If you did not know, that’s what they were doing.
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