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Has Base Ever Been Dumped?

On this episode of From the Other Side, Based asked all the ladies why they need closure! But wait…he’s never needed closure after getting dumped? Has he ever been dumped? Find out and watch the full episode.

A Letter to My Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Mom, It is Mother’s Day and I am here and you are there. Although we have some distance between us our bond remains stronger than ever. Everyday that I am your daughter I learn just how much I am like you and mom I tell you I am so like you. From your bubbly
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From the Other Side

On “From the Other Side” Gigi and Allan discussion if our role models are roles models? Should rich people be the only ones looked to as role models; the “Geek/Nerd” phenomena; Should a male and female be part of the abortion decision and more!

Fertility – The Gift of Life

**Support otherwise by going to http://gofundme.com/3y6xo4  For over a year Girls Talk TV has imagined producing a show on infertility; what does it mean, who does it affect and how can it be avoided? Now we we finally have our chance! We are working with the Montgomery Fertility Center and Dr. Yemi Famuyiwa to bring
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“From the Other Side” Gets Heated

Recently, Girls Talk TV filmed “From the Other Side” for the first time in front of a live studio audience. Gigi and Allan talked about self-image, broke, frugal and cheap and so much more. In response to many of the comments and questions from the audience geared towards Allan’s position, here is a letter from
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