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Jamaican Herbs and Remedies

GT TV got an opportunity to go to Jamaica and speak with a local gardener about the herbs he was growing. Check out this video to learn what the people in Jamaica use some of these herbs for. From menstrual cramps to high blood pressure! Herbs are not only great to use in foods but
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Human Trafficking Month

U. S. President Barack Obama proclaimed January 2012 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Yesterday we were supposed to do a different show. What we ended up doing was a show on human trafficking.  The night before Raj, our Assistant Producer, called me on my phone and was fanatic about a women who
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Be On The Show With Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Mac!! April 5, 2012

  On the next taping of Girls Talk TV’s “Living and Eating Healthy“, we have Dr.   Melanye Maclin from Chris Rocks “Good Hair“.  Dr. Mac is the celebrity Dermatologist  and founder of Innovative Hair Technology, Inc. Want t o be on the show with Dr. Mac? We’re looking for 3 girls with hair and/or skin
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Everybody’s Got a Price According to Allan

Allan sure does think he has the answer to every problem. Money! Who’s Allan? He’s your co-host of GT TV’s From the Other Side. You know the guy who seems to dislike chics, has not a care for poor people, idolizes money and gets a kick out of social rape. Yeah! That guy! Don’t be deceived, Allan can
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Thermography or Mammography and Radiation Exposure?

 I first learned about Thermography when I was filming “A Grass-fed Beef Seminar) in  VA. Now, we’re all perfectly familiar with Thermography. You remember Minority Report with Tom Cruise (still hot for his age)? The bots who would enter the infrastructure and scan for body heat? If you did not know, that’s what they were doing.
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