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Don’t Be a STI Statistic! Get Tested!

STI’s are serious business whether curable or incurable. If you are having sex with multiples partners or the person you’re having sex with has multiple sex partners then your chances of getting an STI are even greater. Did you know that with a condom you can still get Herpes, Genital Warts, HPV, and a few
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Female Bodybuilders. Feminine? Sexy?

Female bodybuilding began in the late 1970’s. Physique contests for women date back to the 1960s with the first female winner of the Miss Physique contest being¬† Silvia Hibbert! Now it is very common and competitions are being held all over the world! Although the sport has been around for some time, female body builders
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Skills Necessary for Survival

***Win Dominoes Pizza Gift Card!!*** So, girls I’ve been producing a kick boxing show and GT TV is soon to be producing a show on self-defense for us all. I decided to do this because one day I woke up and thought about the types of skills that are actually necessary for survival in today’s
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Mother and Daughter Give-A-Way

Dr. Mac, the celebrity Dermatologist also seen in Chris Rocks “Good Hair” film and heard on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” has teamed up with Girls Talk TV to give one mother and daughter a happy ending with beautiful, strong and soft hair! One mother and daughter will win 2 Bella Nutri Hair Therapy Wraps!
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What Will You Do to Acknowledge Earth Day

Earth Day is today, April 22, 2012. What will you do to acknowledge the day? Earth day is all about creating awareness and participating in appreciating our worlds natural resources. With that said here are several things you can do today and everyday to make a difference on our earth. Not only will you be
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