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A Good Age to Lose Your Virginity

Talking with a few friends the other day I posed a very serious question to them. “When’s a good time to lose your virginity?” I asked. They stopped and looked at me in shock. Did they think I was still a virgin in my mid teens? And if so, was that a big deal? My
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Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and there is plenty us ladies (and gents) can do to stay informed and support the initiative. BREAST CANCER SCREENING IS THE KEY LADIES! We know that for years Doctors and research have suggested women under 45 should not receive a mammogram, unless this condition runs in their history,
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Living and Eating Healthy: w Dermatologist Dr. Mac

On this episode of “Living and Eating Healthy: Dermatology”, Gigi sits down with Celebrity Dermatologist from Chris Rocks Film “Good Hair” and the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Dr. Mac! They talk about beautiful hair, nails and skin and Dr. Mac answers your questions from the GT TV blog! Later, see Gigi take off her makeup
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Making Organic Wine at Home

  Wine tastes great and is easy to make at home. All you’ll need is time and patience, a blender, organic grapes, a cheesecloth or strainer, a clean glass bottle with lid, a plastic bag, a rubber band and a bowl. You must be 21 and up to do so and if you are then check out
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Should You Wear New Panties Before Washing Them?

  Ever wonder if what you buy is ok to use right out of the package? #Underwear? #Toothbrush? #Hairbrush? #HAIREXTENSIONS?! Some of you are thinking, “I buy new panties so that I don’t have to do laundry…So, why would I was them brand new? They’re new!”.   Well, did you know that chemicals such as
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