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Authors on Rise – All New Episode

Saturday July 20th 11 – 3:30pm Meet the Authors! 2920 Jessup rd, Jessup MD is the next show! Taping of “Authors on the Rise” begins at 2:30pm. Watch the clip for highlights fro last week’s show.

Living with HIV/AIDs Part 1 and 2

WOMEN AND GIRLS HIV/AIDS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN! HELP US http://www.gofundme.com/2521b4 Find out when the next discussion on HIV/AIDs will occur in your area! Fill out the form below. The CDC estimated 7800 new cases of heterosexual females diagnosed with HIV in 2010. The number of cases continues to increase among females both young and old and
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It Hurts to be Beautiful

When I was younger my oldest sister told me “it hurts to be beautiful”. So, I was taught shoulders back and stand up straight. I was 12. So, who was I trying to look “beautiful” for? Have you ever thought about all that we do that hurts oh so bad but makes us oh so
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Girl Saved by HIV

When is it OK for a Man to Hit a Female? UPDATE!

UPDATE: Is RiRi leaving Chris Brown? Again? (see bottom) In 2004 Jay Z hit an underage girl for taking his photo. In 2009 a man beat his wife for smoking a cigarette and let us not forget that year Chris Brown violated Rihanna. And in 2012 a bus driver uppercut a female passenger on his bus. Throughout mans history there
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