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Category: From the Other Side

Equal Pay for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day let’s show all moms just how important they are to our society. Here’s what you can do: Promote Equal Pay for Women! A woman earns $0.79 to a mans $1 (www.medium.com) Sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/h75uee6 Support Paid Leave for Parents Sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/k96gj2g h t t p : /
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Time to Manage Your Financial Portfolio

Don’t miss this season of From the Other Side where GiGi and Allan show you how to get your financial portfolio in order. Show topic include: credits, savings, investing, cutting back, money for college, insurance, 401k, think like a millionaire, car and home purchases and so much more! Tune in and get started!

Has Base Ever Been Dumped?

On this episode of From the Other Side, Based asked all the ladies why they need closure! But wait…he’s never needed closure after getting dumped? Has he ever been dumped? Find out and watch the full episode.

From the Other Side Co-Host Base – Full Episode

Watch Girls Talk TVs “From the Other Side” with cohost Base! GiGi asks tough question: how old should you be to marry; when to introduce your new boo to your kid (s); do all women need closure; what would Base say to father’s not taking care of their children and more! Don’t miss this episode
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GiGi’s Pet Peeves

On this Episode of “From the Other Side”, Base and GiGi discuss their pet peeves.  GiGi hates when people flush her toilet and not put the cover down! Base chimes in on boo boo matter. Watch the full episode to hear all of their pet peeves.

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