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The Tower Gardening Experience

GiGi shows you how to tower garden and grow vegetables indoor! Check back weekly as we add new photos from her experience and don’t miss the episode with Julie Duncan and others who grow their vegetables in all sorts of settings from rooftops to classrooms. Sponsored by Julie Duncan http://jduncan.towergarden.com

Start an Indoor Herb Garden!

  Growing an indoor garden has never been easier and more rewarding. You can begin with a simple herb garden in your kitchen or near a window. Just rchase your favorite herbal seeds, soak them in water, plant them in soil and watch them grow! We give you all the tips in this episode of
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Allan on Hormone Injected Beef

“I saw this documentary that said that beef in the US has growth hormone that is USDA approved…the hormone has known carcinogens in it that survive the process. The meat companies do it because mass production at lower costs yield more money…. but I don’t feel sorry for the people eating it and I’m not
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It Hurts to be Beautiful

When I was younger my oldest sister told me “it hurts to be beautiful”. So, I was taught shoulders back and stand up straight. I was 12. So, who was I trying to look “beautiful” for? Have you ever thought about all that we do that hurts oh so bad but makes us oh so
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Making Organic Wine at Home

  Wine tastes great and is easy to make at home. All you’ll need is time and patience, a blender, organic grapes, a cheesecloth or strainer, a clean glass bottle with lid, a plastic bag, a rubber band and a bowl. You must be 21 and up to do so and if you are then check out
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