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Time to Manage Your Financial Portfolio

Don’t miss this season of From the Other Side where GiGi and Allan show you how to get your financial portfolio in order. Show topic include: credits, savings, investing, cutting back, money for college, insurance, 401k, think like a millionaire, car and home purchases and so much more! Tune in and get started!

Stripper: Death by Coin! UPDATE

UPDATE: Trey Songz Arrested for Injuring a Stripper While “Making it Rain”!! Can you imagine being a stripper up on stage and you are working it and  guys start throwing coins at you? Well, that could happen if the GAO (Government Accountability Office) gets their way. The GAO and others are pushing to replace the
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Happy [Gobble Gobble] Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving many families will come together in celebration of another day and another year together. When dinner is served they will hold hands and say grace and each one of them will go around the table and tell their loved ones just one thing they are most grateful for. Thanksgiving marks a historical moment
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Occupy DC Anniversary

1 year ago today Occupy DC was on fire. People were outraged and everyone had an opinion. On “From the Other Side” GT TV sat down with 2 special guests who predicted what would happen and what needed to happen. Check out this episode: From a financial perspective we have Jameel Worthy from “Thinking Outside
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Successful Women Under 30

Let’s admit it girls that these days we have so many opportunities. We can do just about whatever it is we want to do in life. We are no longer subjected to marrying young, having children and staying at home. We are lawyers, doctors, engineers and so much more! We have the choice to see
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