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“Kill Those F–ing Yankees…Daughters, Mothers, Daughters-in-Law…” PSY

So what 8 years ago viral Rapper PSY sang, “Kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture,” and going on to say, “Kill them all slowly and painfully,” and then adding “daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers.” (CNN) WAIT! WHAT?! Yes, it’s true our favorite Korean once
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Asia’s Next Top Model

If you have not seen these Asian beauties in “Asia’s Next Top Model” it’s just what you would expect! For starters the judges are super hard on the models and the language barrier is an issue for a few of them. Not many of them have experience but they are all bombshells! Most of the
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Stripper: Death by Coin! UPDATE

UPDATE: Trey Songz Arrested for Injuring a Stripper While “Making it Rain”!! Can you imagine being a stripper up on stage and you are working it and  guys start throwing coins at you? Well, that could happen if the GAO (Government Accountability Office) gets their way. The GAO and others are pushing to replace the
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December’s Women in Music

This month we’re going to do things a little differently. We recently came across a phenomenal artists Syleena Johnson and invited her to the show. Later, we came across this song her Tweet sung together and just had to make these 2 women our “December’s Woman in Music”! Women in Music Rock!!!    

November’s Woman in Music

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