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Happy [Gobble Gobble] Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving many families will come together in celebration of another day and another year together. When dinner is served they will hold hands and say grace and each one of them will go around the table and tell their loved ones just one thing they are most grateful for. Thanksgiving marks a historical moment
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Ladies, Guns and Self-Defense

  In this episode of Living and Eating Healthy GT TV visits the “The Nations Gun Show” in Chantilly VA and interviews 1 of only 2 female gun show promoters. Find out the reasons why she thinks all women should own a gun. Later, we catch up with NRA President, Dave Keene who shares his beliefes
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2nd Presidential Debate – LIVE

Today marks the second of three Presidential debates! Watch LIVE tonight at 9pm President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney featuring pre-screened questions from a group of “undecided voters”. Watch the first one here! VP debates here!

Watch Vice Presidential Debate 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and there is plenty us ladies (and gents) can do to stay informed and support the initiative. BREAST CANCER SCREENING IS THE KEY LADIES! We know that for years Doctors and research have suggested women under 45 should not receive a mammogram, unless this condition runs in their history,
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