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Allan on Hormone Injected Beef

“I saw this documentary that said that beef in the US has growth hormone that is USDA approved…the hormone has known carcinogens in it that survive the process. The meat companies do it because mass production at lower costs yield more money…. but I don’t feel sorry for the people eating it and I’m not
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Fertility – The Gift of Life

**Support otherwise by going to http://gofundme.com/3y6xo4  For over a year Girls Talk TV has imagined producing a show on infertility; what does it mean, who does it affect and how can it be avoided? Now we we finally have our chance! We are working with the Montgomery Fertility Center and Dr. Yemi Famuyiwa to bring
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“From the Other Side” Gets Heated

Recently, Girls Talk TV filmed “From the Other Side” for the first time in front of a live studio audience. Gigi and Allan talked about self-image, broke, frugal and cheap and so much more. In response to many of the comments and questions from the audience geared towards Allan’s position, here is a letter from
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Authors on Rise – All New Episode

Saturday July 20th 11 – 3:30pm Meet the Authors! 2920 Jessup rd, Jessup MD is the next show! Taping of “Authors on the Rise” begins at 2:30pm. Watch the clip for highlights fro last week’s show.

Authors on the Rise – Online Premiere

RSVP HERE FOR THE EVENT SHOWN ABOVE See Gigi Smith interview book authors in front of a live studio audience. On this episode: “Hidden Confessions” by Lakia McDaniel “The Crash” by Chere Cofield “Girlfriend’s Circle: Editorial Edition” by Feleshia Thomas WIN A BOOK BY ONE OF THE AUTHORS!! 3 Winners will win! Leave your responses
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