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Record Diversity Numbers in Congress

Girls Talk TV welcome to your new Congress! The 113th Congress will be the most diverse group of individuals in all of our history. We welcome 24 new women, 6 LGBT individuals and one of which is the first female to be openly gay while another is the first African American man to be open,
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Successful Women Under 30

Let’s admit it girls that these days we have so many opportunities. We can do just about whatever it is we want to do in life. We are no longer subjected to marrying young, having children and staying at home. We are lawyers, doctors, engineers and so much more! We have the choice to see
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Do You Own Your Own Business?

 Twitter.com/girlstalktv and Facebook.com/girlstalktelevision If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur then we’d love to have you on 1 of our 5 cable TV episodes! If you’d like to be a guest on the show, contact us here. Twitter.com/girlstalktv and Facebook.com/girlstalktelevision [contact-form-7 id=”1060″ title=”Business Owners”]

Barbie Runs for 2012 Presidential Election

  Barbie has been one of the most influential and most followed female figures of our time. She is on her fifth run for President this 2012. Yet Barbie may not be human. Is 36, 18, 33 human? Should we still love and embrace her all the same or should we “idolize” a figure that
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Women’s History Month

 Everyday we should celebrate being a girl but this month all girls and women have something to celebrate! March is “Women’s History Month” and we want you tho think of one woman you think helped to shape our history. Whether it be  a doctor, teacher, politician or musician. Tell us what she did and how
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