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Time to Manage Your Financial Portfolio

Don’t miss this season of From the Other Side where GiGi and Allan show you how to get your financial portfolio in order. Show topic include: credits, savings, investing, cutting back, money for college, insurance, 401k, think like a millionaire, car and home purchases and so much more! Tune in and get started!

Casting – The Late Night Show

  Meet women of power and prestige. Hear from female Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Executives, Board Members, Founders and how they achieved their success. Follow their journeys and be inspired by their tenacity. Join Girls Talk TV in celebrating these women.   Sponsor this episode  |  Girls Talk TV Info Stats  |  About Our 5 TV Shows Loading…
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Authors on the Rise – Online Premiere

RSVP HERE FOR THE EVENT SHOWN ABOVE See Gigi Smith interview book authors in front of a live studio audience. On this episode: “Hidden Confessions” by Lakia McDaniel “The Crash” by Chere Cofield “Girlfriend’s Circle: Editorial Edition” by Feleshia Thomas WIN A BOOK BY ONE OF THE AUTHORS!! 3 Winners will win! Leave your responses
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Have a Show Idea?

Do you have an interesting idea? Is there a story that you’d like to see GT TV cover? Do you want to start a discussion about an issue that is important to you? Tell us about it by filling out the form below! [contact-form-7 id=”2272″ title=”Have an idea?”] Watch all 5 of our cable TV
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Stripper: Death by Coin! UPDATE

UPDATE: Trey Songz Arrested for Injuring a Stripper While “Making it Rain”!! Can you imagine being a stripper up on stage and you are working it and  guys start throwing coins at you? Well, that could happen if the GAO (Government Accountability Office) gets their way. The GAO and others are pushing to replace the
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