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How to Break Up With Him

You’ve realized there is no reason why you and your significant other should be together. Perhaps, you have nothing in common. Maybe the respect for one another just isn’t there or there is no love. Now you’re wondering, “How do I give him the ax?“. Not to worry! We’ve laid out a step-by-step solution to help you during this very difficult time. I mean, we know you don’t want to do it but you also don’t want to be in a relationship that’s only going to drain you, keep you unhappy and potentially hold you back from being the super fly chica you’re supposed to be! So, let’s not waste any more time and just get it over with!

1. How are you going to do it?

Think about how you’re going to break up with him. There are so many way you could do it: text, phone call, voicemail, friends, email, snail mail, post its, evites, etc but let’s be honest here. Would you want a guy to break up with you that way? Exactly. So, unless he’s the physically abusive type then you need to woman up and prepare to tell him to his face.

2. Where are you going to do it?

Decide where it’s all going down! Please ladies do not take him to his favorite spot and dump him. That’s just demonic and you know it. Frankly, I wouldn’t break up with a guy at my place. Perhaps their place or a park. Somewhere slightly intimate with not too many people around should work. Why? Well, if it’s just you and him then things could get very ugly (AND HE MAY GO NUTS) but if there are a few random people around then he’s less likely to cause a scene (as long as you don’t announce on the coffee cafes speaker you’re dumping him). However, we’re saying “less likely”. Prepare for the worst and pray.

3. What are you going to say?

Think about what you’ll need to say ahead of time because here’s the tricky t hing about us ladies. We rarely say what we mean. You’re thinking, “I’ll just let him down easy” and what comes out of your mouth is, “Maybe in the future we can try again”. UGH girls! The best thing to do here is to be honest, cut and dry honesty. Nothing else will do. Be sure to use a key phrase like:

-“It’s over.” 

-“You and I cannot be together anymore.”

-“I’m finished with this relationship.” 

(Download these ringtones for free if you cannot find the words to tell him yourself!)
“I’m sorry but it’s over. I can’t see you anymore.”    iPhone   .wav  .mp3
“I’m sorry but its over.”    iPhone   .wav  .mp3
“So here is where we end. There’s no more you and I.”     iPhone   .wav  .mp3
“Listen. Im done with this relationship.”     iPhone   .wav  .mp3
He certainly will not be able to confuse any of this with, “I still love you but I need some time apart” and don’t you dare tell him you need time apart!

4. Say it and get out!

Think about your exit. A 20 minute breakup is more than enough time to answer a, “…but why baby?”, close with a key phrase, pay your bill and get out of there. You want to get in and out before he can get too angry, too sad or he begins asking too many questions. At the same time you don’t want to be mean or rude. These things are hard and probably more so for the person who is being let go. Don’t scar his experience and have him turn out to be a woman hater. Do what you’ve come to do and leave!

5. The hard part…

YOU DID IT!! now here’s the hard part. I know you didn’t think that was the hardest part of this all? Poor thing.

You have to make certain you don’t backslide! Immediately after leaving the scene you will need to erase his number, ALL of the texts (unless he’s sent you some threats in which case you need to save these), phone photos, voicemails, etc. Defriend him on Facebook. Unfollow him on Twitter. Disable all ties! POINT! BLANK! PERIOD!

You’ve graduated. Now, give yourself some time to learn you. What it is that you’re passionate about? What would you like to pursue in life? Or more simply, try a new hairdo. Buy a few new scarves, hats, gloves, socks belts or purses and switch up your look.


-Tell his boys it’s over before telling him. He’ll be tagging you the female dog of the year in all your photos.

-Communicate with him for at least a month. These things take time and you could slip right back in to that very comfortable place.

-Get into another serious relationship within a few weeks. Give it a few months.



Time to Give Him the Ax and Make Him Your Ex? Here’s how to break up with your man.

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