» Human Trafficking Month

Human Trafficking Month

U. S. President Barack Obama proclaimed January 2012 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Yesterday we were supposed to do a different show. What we ended up doing was a show on human trafficking.  The night before Raj, our Assistant Producer, called me on my phone and was fanatic about a women who he had just heard speak. That woman was Lisa Williams. When he put me on the phone with him I learned she was Founder of  “Living Water for Girls“. She runs a facility that takes in and helps young girls who were forced into prostitution. When we spoke again we both knew a show was in the workings and so 2 days later I invited Lisa to my home to tell me more about her foundation and the staggering facts of human trafficking.

Lisa told me about a little girl who she had seen in the paper. The little girl was wearing an orange jump suit. She had a little ponytail and as her eyes continued down the picture what she saw next were shackles on this little girls ankles.  This 10 years old little girl was being prosecuted for prostitution. I was horrified and you will see my reaction as such. I could not believe some of the numbers and facts Lisa shared with me. They are alarming and extremely disturbing but it is real. There are adults who demand to have sex with our children. There are adults who are commercially prostituting our children. 10 year old babies are being forced to have sex with adult men. These are the facts and you must hear them on “Living and Eating Healthy: Human Trafficking“. Listen to the radio show now, titled “Human Trafficking”! –>

Please take the time and have it in your heart to make a donation today. If you are someone

you know needs help, please contact us or go to Living Water for Girls website, here.

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